Blount County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Alldredge Cemetery   Brooksville  
Allgood Family Cemetery    
Amos Cemetery    
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery    
Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery    
Austin Creek Cemetery    
Bangor Cemetery    
Bethel Church Cemetery    
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery    
Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery    
Bird Cemetery   Altoona  
Blackburn Family Cemetery    
Blackwood Cemetery   Blountsville  
Blackwood-Cornelius Cemetery   Blountsville  
Blount Memory Gardens    
Blountsville Cemetery   Blountsville  
Blue Ridge Cemetery   Brooksville  
Blue Springs Cemetery    
Brooksville Baptist Church    
Brooksville Salem Primitive Baptist Church    
Brown Cemetery   Clarence  
Brown-Hudson Cemetery   Cleveland  
Burns Rivers Cemetery    
Bynum Family Cemetery   Clarence  
Cedar Grove Cemetery   Blount Springs  
Cedar Grove Johnson Cemetery    
Center Hill Independent Presbyterian Church Cemetery    
Central Hill Cemetery    
Centre Methodist Cemetery    
Centre Methodist Cemetery   Oneonta  
Chamblee Cemetery    
Chitwood Cemetery   Cleveland  
Church of Christ Cemetery    
Civil War Soldiers Buried    
Clay Cemetery    
Clear Springs Cemetery   Remlap  
Clear Springs Methodist Cemetery    
Clements Cemetery   Oneonta  
Clements Cemetery   Highland Lake  
Clement Family Cemetery    
Cleveland Cemetery    
Cleveland Methodist Cemetery    
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery    
Cornelius Cemetery    
County Line Baptist Church Cemetery    
County Line Cemetery    
Cox Cemetery    
Crump Cemetery   Cleveland  
Curl Cemetery   Garden City  
Daileys Chapel Cemetery   Cleveland  
Dickson Cemetery   Brooksville  
Easley Cemetery    
Easley Church of the Brethren Cemetery    
Ebell Cemetery   Brooksville  
Ebenezer Cemetery    
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery    
Edgewood Baptist Church   Locust Fork  
Edgewood Missionary Baptist Cemetery    
Ellison Cemetery   Altoona  
Elvester Baptist Church Cemetery   Warrior  
Fairview United Methodist Church Cemetery    
First United Methodist Church Cemetery    
Foster Chapel Cemetery    
Fowler Springs Cemetery   Blountsville  
Fridays Crossing Missionary Baptist Cemetery   Fridays Crossing  
Garden City Cemetery    
Gethsemane Baptist Church Cemetery   Hayden  
Gibbs Chapel Cemetery   Clarence  
Gilbreath Cemetery   Brooksville  
Glasscock-Rogers Cemetery   Bangor  
Glover Cemetery   Oneonta  
Graves Cemetery   Blountsville  
Graves Gap Cemetery   Nectar  
Green Family Cemetery    
Greens Chapel Cemetery   Cleveland  
Guinns Cove Cemetery   Nectar  
Gunter Cemetery   Brooksville  
Hamby Cemetery    
Harmony Cemetery   Creel  
Harrell Cemetery   Blount Springs  
Harris Cemetery   Altoona  
Hayden Church of God Cemetery   Hayden  
Hayes Cemetery   Hayden  
High Mound Missonary Baptist Cemetery    
High Rock Methodist Cemetery    
Highmound Baptist Church Cemetery   Snead  
Holland Cemetery   Brooksville  
Hood Cemetery   Clarence  
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery   Summit  
Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery    
Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery   Remlap  
Hudson Cemetery    
Huffstutler Cemetery    
James Whitley Cemetery    
Lamb Cemetery   Clarence  
Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery    
Lee’s Chapel Methodist Cemetery   Pine Mountain  
Liberty Cemetery   Oneonta  
Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery    
Lilly Chapel Cemetery   Trafford  
Love Chapel Cemetery    
Macedonia Cemetery    
Marsh Cemetery   Locust Fork  
Masseyline Church of God Cemetery    
Mauldin Cemetery   Hyatt Gap  
Merrill Cemetery    
Methodist Church Cemetery    
Missionary Baptist Cemetery    
Moore Cemetery   Blount Springs  
Mount Carmel Baptist Cemetery   Straight Mountain  
Mount Carmel Methodist Cemetery   Snead  
Mount Carmel Church of God Cemetery   Straight Mountain  
Mount Ebell Cemetery   Rosa  
Mount Grove Cemetery    
Mount Hebron Cemetery   Holly Pond  
Mount Joy Cemetery   Blountsville  
Mount Moriah Cemetery   Fridays Crossing  
Mount Moriah Cemetery   Oneonta  
Mount New Hope Methodist Cemetery    
Mount Tabor Cemetery   Garden City  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery   Allgood  
Mount Tabor Cemetery   Blountsville  
Mount Zion Nazarene Church Cemetery   Garden City  
Mountain Grove Cemetery   Blountsville  
Mulberry Cemetery   Garden City  
Nectar Cemetery   Nectar  
Nectar Congregational Methodist Cemetery    
Nesmith Cemetery   Brooksville  
New Bethel Church   Sneed  
New Emmaus Baptist Church    
New Hope Cemetery   Oneonta  
New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery   Holly Springs  
New Lebanon Cemetery   Holly Pond  
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery   Blountsville  
Oak Hill Cemetery   Oneonta  
Old Ebell Cemetery   Summit  
Old Liberty Cemetery   Oneonta  
Old Mount Moriah Cemetery (Hardshell Cemetery)    
Old Siloam Cemetery   Blountsville  
Oneonta City Cemetery   Oneonta  
Painter Cemetery   Clarence  
Philadelphia Cemetery (new)   Locust Fork  
Philadelphia Cemetery (old)   Locust Fork  
Phillips Cemetery    
Pine Bluff Cemetery   Cleveland  
Pine Bluff Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery   Locust Fork  
Pine Grove Cemetery    
Pine Mountain Cemetery    
Pleasant Grove Cemetery   Brooksville  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   Brooksville  
Pleasant Mount Cemetery   Remlap  
Pleasant Valley    
Providence Cemetery   Hayden  
Reid Cemetery    
Remlap Methodist Church Cemetery   Remlap  
Ricetown Chapel Cemetery    
Rickwood Caverns Park Cemetery    
Rock Springs Methodist Church Cemetery   Holly Pond  
Rooker Family Cemetery    
Roswell Creek Baptist Cemetery   Holly Pond  
Rufty Family Cemetery   Selfville  
Salem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   Brooksville  
Sargent Cemetery    
Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery    
Sheppard Cemetery   Holly Pond  
Shiloh Cemetery    
Sivley Cemetery   Brooksville  
South Cemetery   Blountsville  
Stewarts Chapel Methodist Cemetery   Hayden  
Straight Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery   Oneonta  
Sugar Creek Church of Christ Cemetery    
Sulphur Springs Baptist Cemetery    
Summit Cemetery   Brooksville  
Tabernacle United Methodist Church Cemetery   Locust Fork  
Tabor Cemetery    
Taylor Mountain    
Tidwell Cemetery   Cleveland  
Union Grove Missionary Baptist Cemetery    
Union Hill Church of Nazarene Cemetery   Straight Mountain  
Valley View Cemetery   Oneonta  
Vandiver Cemetery   Trafford  
Village Springs Cemetery   Trafford  
Whites Cemetery   Lehigh  
William Cornelius Cemetery    
Wynnville Cemetery   Wynnville  
Youngblood Family Cemetery    
Zion Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery    

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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